I cannot take credit for this blog entry. My friend Bethany posted this question on her Facebook page.  After I answered the question I stole the question for my own page (of course I told her I was doing so...).  After that a couple of friends swiped it from my page....you know how Facebook works. Any-who, I got such great responses from the question I had to share with all of you!  These answers are from my friends and a few from friends of friends.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! 

You know you are an Army wife when....

.....even though your neighbor says she has a husband, you have never met him. - Trish
.....you hear mortar rounds in the distance and somehow feel comforted. - Jessica
.....you don't freak out when you see a man in full uniform, carrying a weapon, walking around the PX  (the Army
      version of  Wal-Mart) - Jessica
.....you carry birth certificates, Social Security cards, orders, and other various paperwork (known only by and  letters 
      and numbers) because you won't get turned away from the ID card counter more than once because you didn't  
      have the right form of ID!! - Jessica
.....your freakin air goes out one week after your soldier deploys! - Nancy
.....you understand that sometimes sisters come not from family. - Lisa
.....you hurry and wait. - Stacy
.....you have 4 or 5 different colored moving stickers on the back of most of your furniture. - LeAnn
.....when you run to the phone every time it rings even after your husband comes home from deployment. - Stacy
.....you get annoyed when your non-military friends are sad when their husbands are away for one week. -Anita
.....someone asks you where you are from and you really have to stop and think about it.  - Meredith
.....entries in your address book are always written in pencil, never pen.  - Samantha
.....you've been married for 6 years but have lived alone for 3 of them. - Crystal
.....you know your husband's SS# by heart but have to think REALLY HARD if someone EVER happens to ask for 
     yours.  - Tammy T.
.....you recall the dates of historical events, songs, movies, etc. based on where you lived at the time. - Tammy  T.
.....you can strike up friendships and form bonds within days/weeks rather than years and you can set up a house
     in the same timeline. - Tammy T.
.....you can listen to your husband form a complete sentence using acronyms and know exactly what he is talking
     about. - Tammy T.
.....you can't decide where to settle down because you have lived in SO MANY awesome places. - Tammy T.
.....you swell with pride and shed tears during any patriotic song, event or ceremony.  - Tammy T.
.....you realize that you are married to an honest-to-God, bona-fide HERO!! - Carrie
.....you sleep with a photo on the pillow next to you and the phone in your hand. - Carrie
.....you pull out your Military ID when going into Target.  - Cyndi
.....you can't help goading your NAVY sisters!!  (Goat....goading...Making myself laugh - she also made Trish laugh  
     on this one!!) - Jefanna
.....your nephew (or any of your military family members) calls and says he will be driving through the town you live in 
     at midnight and needs a place to crash and you are more than happy toaccommodate.- Clint
.....3 years rolls around and you are asking..."When are we moving?".  - Kelly
.....your kids have had more moves than years in school! - Beverly
.....someone ask your kids where they are from and they sound like a map. - Beverly
.....sending care packages with skivvies in them is something you don't giggle over. - Roxanne
.....pb&j, cereal & pizza are approved for dinner.  - Roxanne
.....a house fire makes you freak out for less than 24 hours and then it is business as usual.  - Roxanne
.....you 'get' the term 'moving season'. - Roxanne
.....you mark where your kids were born, milestones etc by where you were stationed - Lauren
.....you know how to handle every situation and can rig anything to work in a house because you know 
     you will only live there for a short time. - Lauren
.....when asked what date something happened you say during deployment number
     1,2, 3 or 4... - Kelly
.....even though you are married, you haven't had sex in a year. - Celeste
.....when you tell your kids to get their ID and get in the POV to head to the commissary. - Christie
.....when you write out invitations to your son's b-day party and indicate the party lasts from 1330 - 1530. - Vickie
.....you totally "get it" when you're friends say its time for their hubby to go TDY!! - Marta
.....when you do more by 9 am that most folks do in a day. - Lara
.....when your kids know more about cultures of different countries than most Ambassadors.  - Lara
.....when a 30 day training deployment isn't a long separation.. - Rose
.....when your husband comes home from work and asks, "Honey, where is (kids name)?" and you reply "TDY until
     tomorrow." instead of saying "At a sleep over." - Tina
.....you can buckle military gear onto yourself correct so your soldier can check to see if it is clean for CIF. - Colleen
.....your husband refers to you as a dependent.  - Jeff
.....your husband refers to you as Household 6. - Trish
.....you comfort your kids about bedroom allocations by saying "don't worry, when we move next time *you'll* get the
     bigger room. - Kristin
.....your husband is retired and 4 years later you still cry for the things you miss, like FRG', your Army neighbors, and
     day to day camaraderie. - Tammy S.
.....having total strangers around you that completely understand you without a word spoken. - Tammy S.
.....when driving onto an Army post and knowing you are home. Tammy S.

7/19/2011 10:17:01 am

I am an Air Force Brat, and this is exactly how I grew up (except for the husband parts)! One of the nicest parts of moving to Seoul for me has been being able to go on base and experience the military community again...my kids have grown up as total civilians and do not 'get' how DH and I feel so nostalgic about everything on base. For them, it is a strange new experience, but for DH and me, it is like coming home!

7/19/2011 10:31:00 am

Dear Ms. Caroline,

I'm pretty sure your blog hates me. I have tried to leave several comments and it NEVER allows me to. Thank you for reading. I love following your adventures in Korea! Yeah for furniture! My hubby LOVES Mojitos and I would get mint at the fish market (down the alley). I also LOVE what you have done with the bottom drawer of your Kimchi fridge. Did I see a bottle of Tommasi in it?

7/19/2011 11:51:20 am

I like it- I'm sharing on my page! Thanks, Trish!

7/19/2011 11:51:58 am

going to share with others :) love it! :)

7/19/2011 11:56:18 am

I love this! All so true!
-- Trxxxx Household 6

7/19/2011 12:45:00 pm

Love it Trish! Thanks fir quoting me and knowing WW needed this release...has Jer ever called you Lipstiick-6? Jim has mentioned it but never towards me, I get HH-6 too! IL isn't the same without you all!

7/19/2011 08:03:54 pm

well said! Ian is in DC for his internship til next July....you should come down with the kids one weekend!

7/21/2011 04:26:54 pm

Trish - NO! My blog does not hate you! You successfully left a comment and I responded and everything! (But I have fiddled around with the settings anyway, because I don't want my blog to be a hater...)
Thanks for reading; your blog is still my #1 go-to source for all things Seoul. I pored over it so often before we moved that I actually have moments of going, "Oh yeah, Trish mentioned that in a blog post" and then I go look it up (recent examples: on-post shuttle bus, flower market) I have mentioned it to a number of people who moved here at the same time that I did, so please be sure to keep "Six in Seoul" up and running!

4/29/2013 05:24:32 pm

Amazing, thank you a lot for the excellent post!


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