After living in Korea for 2 years, I forgot about some of the simple pleasures of life. The one thing I discovered is that I really missed is the drive-thru ATM!  Are you kidding me?  Drive-thru ATM, I totally forgot about these!  Normally I would park at the 'gas station' gate walk out to Iteawon, cross a busy street praying the whole time that I would not get hit by a bus, cross another super busy street, walk 2 miles up hill in the snow before I could make it to my bank to get won out.  (Yeah there we  ATM's on post that I had to walk to as well, but the Iteawon bank sounded so much more dramatic and exotic!)  Anyway, back to the point, the first time I saw the drive-thru ATM I about wet my pants!  I had to drive through just to do it!  I can't tell you the sheer joy that was flowing through me as I was punching the pin number in while sitting in my car!  Now, it that wasn't exciting enough, when I drove out of the drive-thru ATM, you won't believe what I saw, now this nearly brought me to tears...
Chick-fil-A is a place I really missed.  Sometimes I would wake up at night in tears because I missed the Chick-fil-A sandwich. (OK, not really, but is sounded good) I ate at Chick-fil-A 5 times in 36 hours after arriving to the state of Texas (seriously).  Oh, and I forgot to mention I used the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A!  I'm in drive-thru heaven!  I can even drive-thru my kid’s school!  Seriously, I don't even have to get out of the car when taking my kids to and from school!  There are fantastic volunteers that open the car door and let my children out of the car in the morning, and then after school they bring my children back to the car!

If you followed Six in Seoul, you know there was tons of shopping to be done in Korea.  The one thing I did miss was the American malls.  Yes, there are malls in Korea, and most of them are much nicer than those here in the US, however, much nicer equals MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE!  Items in the malls in Korea were at least 3x's the price than in the states, so normally the only time I went to the mall was when I was giving a tour of Korea to guest visiting us. Needless to say I was more than excited when I went shopping with friends this past weekend.
Oh Ann, I've missed you so.
There is one more thing I missed while living in Korea, MEXICAN FOOD!! You can get all sorts of great food in Korea, but we NEVER found a good Mexican restaurant.  We have been back in the states about 6 weeks & I have to say if one could OD on Mexican food, Hubby and I would be about there. 
4/25/2010 02:01:48 am

Ann missed you too. I don't think that store has made their sales goals since you left. Didn't you see how all the salespeople's faces lit up when you walked in!!

4/25/2010 04:55:38 am

Target, Whole Foods, Taco Cabana in < one month....big packout today, uggghhh. Eating lots of last minute Korean foods....want me to bring anything for you ;)

5/2/2010 11:51:31 pm

What a great life we have, thanks to all our soldiers.

5/6/2010 11:21:31 pm

AWESOME post! Oh Trish, you need to make your life blogs into a book. You're so funny! I want to give you a big hug~


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