I've committed to removing 2011 items from my house in 2011 - that is 5.5 items a day for 365 days.  I was going to wait till Jan 1, 2011 to start, but I just couldn't wait that long I started on 3 Dec 2010 and I will go till 3 Dec 2011.  I want to be clutter free and I want to be clutter free now <<Insert foot stomping here>>.  (I feel like Veronica from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)  I know it will take much longer than that to make this happen, but I'm on a mission & would love to have friends, family and YOU join me on my 2011 declutter challenge.
I am keeping track of my progress in an excel spreadsheet.  I have 3 columns -  a date column -  # of items column and an item name column. I have the spreadsheet so I can WATCH my progress.  I need the visual plus it calculates for me. Here is an example of what I have so far....

14-Dec    1 old towel
               1  20 pieces of old mail
16-Dec   1  cracked wooden rolling pin 
17-Dec   1 broken hand mirror
18-Dec   3 formal dresses
             2 pair boys shorts 
            13 boy shirts
19-Dec   2 tank tops 
             1 shirt
             5 capri pants
             4 jeans 

You can do this anyway you would like, but I have set some rules up as a guideline for myself.  I'm pretty sure I will have to add to my list of rules as time goes on, but this will help you get started!

1. 10 sheets of hard to get rid of paper (kids art work, old cards I have a problem with collecting Christmas cards & birthday cards from years past) = 1 item
2. Paper clutter, 20 sheets = 1 item
3. If replacing an item, you cannot count the old that is going out - example, I just got a new vacuum cleaner, I cannot count the old vacuum cleaner even though I am giving it away.
4. Consumable items DO NOT count in the purge - newspapers, shopping bags, empty shampoo bottles & so on.
5. Consumable items that you do not use and that have been sitting around your house for years DO count - example - that nasty bottle of perfume that Aunt Sue gave you for Christmas 3 years ago & you NEVER use, but haven't had the heart to toss it, well now is the time, it counts as one item! 
6. If it comes in as one item, it goes out as one item.  Shoes, you cannot count a pair of shoes as 2 items.  They came in as a pair; they go out as a pair - 1 item.  EXCEPTION: if your pet alligator ate one shoe and you have been holding onto the other shoe just in case you break your foot and you only have one foot to dress...give it up, throw out the single shoe and you can count it as one item.
7.  Items that come in and go out on the same day do not count, example, mail, shopping bags, kids daily school work etc.  I have WAY too much of this clutter around my house. Starting today you (I) need to look at it and throw it out same day.  It does not count.
8.  You CANNOT bring something into the house JUST so you can count it as an item to get rid of.  EXAMPLE - when the school is giving away magazines and you take one just so you can throw it out later - that is a NO, NO.  (Hummm....I wonder who I am talking about here...)
9.  If you borrow something, you cannot count the item when returning it to its rightful owner.
10.  Yes, magazines count - 1 magazine counts as one item.
11. 1 book – 1 item, no matter the size

Happy decluttering!!!  Since Dec 3rd, I have removed 306 items from our house!!

12/28/2010 10:53:59 pm

I have already started!!

12/28/2010 11:06:46 pm

you go girl!!! i started already too. i am throwing in an extra challenge to finish up my "to do" crafty projects--

12/28/2010 11:51:50 pm

I've already got a nice head start, too. Definitely gave me good motivation to do more once I started seeing results. My guest room is actually usable now!

12/29/2010 12:22:14 am

I am in for the purge...not sure if I can keep up with tracking it...but on a spin off I am trying to be more aware of what I buy and am listing what "extras" I purchase...so that will cut down on new/no necessary junk!

12/29/2010 12:49:26 am

You know this makes me a little nervous. But yesterday I did have Lee take off a big tote of stuff.

Dawn Gaylord
12/29/2010 12:52:18 am

I am up for this challenege and will start as soon as I return from holiday. I am excited, and motivated, Trish...THANKS!!

12/29/2010 01:03:58 am

I think I am in! Can enable me by emailing your excel sheet? Great idea.

1/2/2011 11:22:32 am

I deffinetly want in!!!! I HAVE to do something about all the junk my family holds on to!! Thank you for posting and inspiring all of us to declutter our lives!!

1/2/2011 11:29:34 am

Okay I left a messages but my stinking iPhone changed my name to Vora?!


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