On day 1 we headed to Seattle to explore Pikes Place and oh what fun it was!  Our first stop was Beecher's for a little Macaroni and Cheese...and OH MY GOODNESS - it was AMAZING!  Best Mac & Cheese I have ever eaten!  No joke!  I LOVE this stuff!
While we were there we watched a little cheese making.... How I wish this cheese was easier to get!
Next stop was the ORIGINAL STARBUCKS!  MIL is a HUGE fan of Starbucks and was super excited about getting a little java from here!  Check out the old Starbucks sign - pretty cool huh?  This Starbucks opened on March 30th, 1971 and it retains its original look because the Market is in a historical district with design guidelines.  (I can't believe something opened in 1971 is considered 'historical'.....dear God, what does that make me?)
The band that was playing in the background was actually very good! (As odd as they were..)
We purchased shrimp cocktail and a little smoked salmon from this place...YUM-O!
The teenage boys were HUNGRY (surprise - right?!) and many friends had told that they NEEDED to eat at Ivars on the waterfront and that they NEEDED to eat the clam chowder.  So we did.  (We aim to please while on vacation.)
Happiness is 2 kinds of salmon, eating clam chowder and having some wine....(you have to sing that line to get the right effect)
After having a great lunch our next stop was the Seattle Aquarium!
It was cheaper for our crew to buy a family membership to the Aquarium than to purchase tickets for each person individually!  The Seattle Aquarium isn't huge, but it is HUGE on FUN!   Below Boy 2 is touching an anemone in the "Life on the Edge" exhibit.  Everything in this exhibit is from the Puget Sound!
The starfish were amazing - can you believe all the colors?!  My favorite one is the Sunflower Sea Star! I'm sure you can pick it out! 
Boy 2 LOVED this anemone!
This octopus is from the Puget Sound as well.
Meet Bubba Fish.
This picture makes me laugh all over again!!  This is C, Boy 1's friend that joined us on vacation.  I love this kid.  Hubby challenged the boys to fully submerge their head in the water and touch an anemone with their nose.  He told them he would pay them $20 to do so.  Boy 1 said no way (which is surprising because he ate a beetle for $20 just a week before) but C said 'no problem' AND HE DID IT....right there in the middle of the aquarium.  We about died with laughter.  I'm surprised (and thankful) that we didn't get kicked out of the aquarium!  Good times, good times! 
We had a great first day in Seattle! 
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