I like good things. Good friends, good coffee, good vacations, good children, good teachers, good food, good spices ( I could go on and on here) and as we all know, good food and good spices go hand in hand.  I didn't always know that - the first person to introduce me to 'good spices' was my fried Lori.  We were in cooking group together back at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and Lori is a FABULOUS cook - I wanted to be able to cook like her so I took note!  Lori was sort of my cooking (and organizing) mentor while living in Kansas and even though  I haven't seen Lori in years I think of her often. I thought of her last night as I cleaned and reorganized my pantry, I think of her when I make certain dishes, like Pecan Crusted Chicken with Lemon-Ginger Sauce (she taught me the way of the sauce!), and I think of her every time I use a Penzey spice.  I remember the first time she showed me her spice drawer and had me smell different spices.  It really is remarkable what even dried fresh spices (seems like an oxymoron) can do for a dish.  When a recipe calls for basil or rosemary I always try to us fresh-fresh, not dried-fresh, but when I don't have fresh-fresh on hand Penzeys is always there for me. 
At Penzeys in Austin
Anyway - you might be asking what is so special about Penzeys spices?  Penzeys carries over 250 different spices and they have farms all over the world and they package their spices and send them to their stores right after they are dried.  They don't sit around losing flavor waiting to be shipped here and there. (Seriously, I don't work for them!) The other thing I love about Penzeys is that they have different size jars if you don't use something very often you can buy a mini-jar - use lots of something else, buy a full size jar - AND once your jar is empty, don't toss it - just buy a refill! (I try to do my part to help save the environment.) OK, and just one more thing I love about Penzys is that they ship to APO addresses! 
Inside the Austin store
They have all kinds of yummy extracts and they have open jars of everything for you to smell.
Refill packs
1/10/2012 06:29:25 am

And there is no such thing as a hard-to-find spice at Penzey's; they have 'em all and with no MSG, anti-caking agents or other additives! (And I don't work for them, either!) Let me know next time you're in Austin...I'm out of Herbes de Provence!

1/10/2012 06:35:57 am

thanks for sharing! time for a field trip to austin :)

1/18/2012 06:40:49 am

Just catching up on my reading after more than 3 weeks in and out of the country - this post came at just the right time! We were in Thailand for almost 2 weeks over Christmas and I promised myself to cook more Thai curries in the New Year. While I was in TX taking Son#1 back to college (sob) I found some bottles of Thai green curry and red curry at Central Market - I was so excited, and then had to leave them behind at the airport because I was 3# (translated to $200!!!!!) overweight on my luggage heading back home! Haven't been able to find all of what I need at the commissary, so it's good to know I have a backup that ships to APOs! Wonderful timing!

1/18/2012 08:38:31 am

I am moving back to Seoul in June ~ if there is anything you are craving, just let me know and I will bring it! I would love to meet you once I am back in Korea.


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