I've intentionally been VERY busy over the past 6.5  weeks. I've had FRG commitments, kids sleep overs, wine on the porch with neighbors, shopping, anything just to keep my mind off if.  Tonight was the first night - really, the first night in 6.5 weeks that I have had nothing to do. Nothing, nada, ZIP!  My friends are MIA. They must be sick of me asking them to hang.  They have all disappeared. The neighborhood is bare.  Even Boy 1's girlfriend is gone...that's weird, she is always here.  I was WAY excited when Boy 1 wanted to rearrange his room and I was TOTALLY on board, BUT THEN he told me he wanted to do it BY HIMSELF.  I thought I gave one of the best sales pitches of my life, telling him how good I was at it...."I've done this a million times, I can help, I'm REALLY good at this!"  He said to me...."I know you are Mom, but how am I ever going to learn if you always do it for me"?   REALLY.......he learns this lesson NOW, of all days, he learns it NOW?!?! 

Bah-humbug.....here I am sitting in my house alone....all the kid are asleep....I'm reconsidering bedtime, maybe they shouldn't go to be so early...... 
6/13/2011 02:45:14 pm

Trish! You are amazing...I love reading your posts...congratulations on being an awesome wife, mom and person! My prayers are with you and your wonderful family.

6/13/2011 10:49:55 pm

You need netflix....I watched seasons of the shows we missed living in Korea...it totally helped on those quiet nights...at least you have 4 wild and crazy nights coming next month!

6/13/2011 10:50:22 pm

‎:( I hate nighttime during deployments. Let me know if you need anything ever! If my bedroom light is on then I am awake. It is never too late to call, text, email, Facebook, etc.

6/14/2011 02:16:05 am

‎:( I love you Trish and someday I hope I become the strong army wife you are. You give me someone to look up to here. Stay strong....

6/14/2011 02:16:28 am

You are AWESOME Trish! The old saying "hang in there" is just to plain and blah...How about....while you're waiting: glam it up, create yet another meaning to six in the hood, try everything new, create your own excitement! Heck, this is YOU...keep up the good work! J is proud of you!

6/14/2011 02:21:38 am

I feel you Trish! I have had some hard days over the last 10 months. Thank goodness you have all those wonderful children to keep you busy. When Nick left for Auburn, it was just Anna and me...way too quiet! Stay strong!

Shannon Brown
6/14/2011 08:49:23 am

Hi Trish! I have to say-- I love reading your blog! You have a wonderful outlook on life and when it comes to raising your kids; I admire your strength. I have a soldier gearing up to leave for our first deployment and just found out you can get free boxes from USPS to ship packages overseas... next time you're twiddling your thumbs late-night, you can bake and send him some goodies or something!

Found the free boxes here: http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/nothing/militarykit.asp

Take care!

6/15/2011 12:50:25 am

We yearn for quiet time as parents and then when we get it, it seems awful! Nights I am sure are the hardest. We should have chatted on FB last night because Hubby was 3 hours late last night and I kept laying in bed wondering if he had an accident on the way home, something happened, etc. and finally I dozed off and he came home and then I couldn't go back to bed! I do watch Netflix a lot at night and watch old movies which helps!

6/15/2011 02:48:00 am

Maybe you should start cross-stitching to keep your mind busy. That's right up your alley, isn't it? ;o Love you Trish! Hang in there!


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