The casing of the colors is an Army tradition that symbolizes the movement of the division to a new theater of operation.
What that means for civilian folk - rolling up the flags (colors) packing them away and taking them to be unpacked and unrolled once the soldiers in theater - aka Afghanistan for this deployment.  What that means to me - pride, reality, heartbreak and more pride. What I didn't realize about this day was that I hadn't explained was going on to my children.  At one point Boy 2 started getting very upset and that is when Hubby realized that Boy 2 thought this meant Daddy was leaving RIGHT after the ceremony.  Thankfully we were able to put that fire out for a little bit longer.

Yesterday The HHBn (Headquarter and Headquarters Battalion) honored that Army tradition on Copper Field at Fort Hood, Texas. It was a beautiful but windy day here at Fort Hood yesterday - at one point I thought some of the flags might snap right off and take out the front row opposite of me - I was thankful to be sitting on the left, not the right! My other fear was that with the winds as strong as they were we might just see a soldier taking flight!  I was feeling super bad for the soldiers holding those flags, as they had to stand at attention for over 45 minutes before they got any relief!  They were all amazing and stood CAV strong the entire time, even though I'm sure they all have some very sore muscles today!

To see the pictures larger and to see the text that goes along with them just double click on the first one, then just arrow through.
4/16/2011 12:56:08 pm

I just looked at your pictures and guess what...I couldn't keep from crying. The reality of deployment is setting in. It's awesome the way you document everything. You look great by the way. I love your Cavalicious dress. Thank God for our CAV soldiers and families.

4/18/2011 05:43:29 am

Give all a hug.

4/18/2011 07:27:30 pm

These bring back a lot of memories. It is definitely a part of the Army that I don't miss, but I slso understand what you mean about the pride you feel. I love the pictures of your family and those great kids, and the toes are really the bomb! You are delightfully crazy. :D Thinking of, and praying for all fo you! xoxo

12/26/2012 08:07:37 am

How soon after the ceremony did he have to leave?

12/26/2012 08:54:55 am

Color casing was on the 15th - Hubby left on the 17th.
Flights started leaving on the 16th.


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