So I'm a little slow at updating this blog.  What can I say, I'm a busy girl.  Much more busy than I was in Korea, plus it is summer & every time I go to update, I have someone asking, "can I have milk, can I play on the computer, come wipe my bottom....."  aughhh, you get the idea.  School starts in 17 days; maybe I will be better at updating then. (Maybe.)

So Girl's room was super fun to paint!  Yes, this is all paint, no stickers, all free hand baby!  It took me two days to complete, but oh so worth it! 

I started with a few dots.....
added a few more.....
and then threw in even more....
Once all the dots were done, I added SWIRLS!!
How fun is this room?!?!
My inspiration was the curtains I had custom made (above).  Girl told me exactly what colors she wanted, gave me all sorts of ideas & this is what we came up with together!

I still have quite of bit of work to do but decided to hold off till the kids go back to school.  I am going to refinish all of Girls furniture & am still looking for the perfect bedding for her soon as it all comes together I will post more pictures. 
8/12/2010 04:27:13 am

Love the paint fun.


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