Those of you that know me KNOW how I dislike going out of order with blog postings (damn type A...), BUT today I'm leaving my comfort zone and making an exception.  This is what I saw as I was drinking my coffee on the back porch of our vacation home in Gig Harbor, WA. I will go back and blog all the things you have missed, so make sure you check back dates often....I plan on writing about our trip over the next few days.  For now enjoy this scene.... 
Good Morning friend...
There were 5 bald eagles flying around this morning.
Salmon swimming upstream
The eagles were feasting on a salmon they caught.  How I WISH I had witnessed the catching of the salmon!
Isn't he beautiful?
Two in one shot.  LOVE IT.
6/15/2012 08:56:40 am

Aren't they pretty. They fly over my house all the time. I hope you are enjoying your time in Washington.

Rachel S
6/18/2012 03:32:31 am

Great photos! Looks like you are giving that camera a great work out.

6/18/2012 03:33:03 am

Gig Harbor is awesome. I always wanted to live there or Whidby Island

6/18/2012 03:33:43 am

I love these post and so happy you're loving it here. We need a J-pod sighting for you. Our beautiful Orca Whale family. Also, we must make sure you have the copper river salmon before you leave.

Tammy T
6/18/2012 03:34:17 am

Glad you are enjoying yourself. Did you get my text?

Roxanne S
6/18/2012 03:34:50 am

i love Gig Harbor.. miss WA a lot somedays especially when its about 115 degrees here and no rain for days in sight.. enjoy and safe travels to you all!

6/20/2012 11:18:52 am

That was one of the most relaxing awesome vacations ever....I loved coffee and/or wine on th deck watching the most incredible wildlife ever. thanks for including me in your vacation! Miss U!!!

6/21/2012 06:25:05 pm

Please excuse the email out of nowhere, but - are you in Seoul? Because I just saw someone in the commissary about 20 minutes ago who I could have sworn was you, accompanied by someone I would have sworn was Girl.
But I could have sworn you weren't getting here until after we left for the US, so I just couldn't bring myself to introduce myself.
If it turns out you're here, Welcome Back and I'm sorry I missed the opportunity!
If it turns out you're not - wow, am I glad I avoided embarrassing myself!
Either way, hope the journey is/was safe and the settling-in period is a smooth one!

6/21/2012 07:08:51 pm

I am in fact in Seoul.
You did in fact see me at the commissary with Girl.
We arrived 2 days ago.
I wish you would have seen you, but I am looking through jet-lagged eyes.
Check out my new/old digs....
I haven't closed out this blog yet, I'm trying, but I'm so far behind.... Hoping to meet you soon.


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