We all know that deployments sucks and we also know that there really isn't much we can do other than stay positive, love our soldiers (from afar), dote on our children, send lots of care packages and just do the best we can to get through the year and if that means cereal for dinner, well so be it.   With a little help from my friends we have compiled a 'silver lining' deployment list.  Now sit back relax and don't take us too seriously!

Here are the top 30

30. Great opportunity to grow your relationship with your husband! (Really, I'm not joking, the phone calls and emails are treasured treats!)
29. No phone calls from your soldier saying "I'm going to be later than normal".... (Like we expect them home at normal time anyway!)
28. Not waking up to the 4:30AM to that PT alarm clock and then again at 4:45, 5:00 & 5:15!
27. Little or no breaking of wind in my presence. (I didn't submit this one...I have 3 other boys that live in my house and a band of teenage boys that think they live here....thank God for candles!!)
26. You can have get togethers with neighbors every night if you want! (Because everyone else in the neighborhood has a soldier that is deployed as well!)
25. Less laundry:)
24. Who cares what the garage looks like! 
23. The whole house becomes a Craft Room/Play Room and you don't have to clean up projects if you don’t’ want! 
22. You don’t have to do the 6PM scramble to get the house straightened up before Hubby gets home! 
21. NEW SHOES (need I say more?)
20.  You can put things on HIS side of the closet!
19. You don't have to hide shopping bags in the trunk!
18. You really are the center of your children’s universe. (All the more reason to have happy hour with your neighbors and gal pals!)
17. You don’t wake up to the sound of what you think is a freight train going through your bedroom only to find out it is your darling husband snoring.
16. You can stretch out on the whole bed and sleep right in the middle.
15. You own the remote! 
14. You can watch anything you want on TV.
13. He will actually listen to you when he calls to check in!
12. Not having to pull together spur of the moment dinners!
11. The kids summed it up once "When Daddy's deployed, it's like Christmas every payday!"... (Still ponder on if that's ok or not…)
10. Fun with your gal pals.
9.  You don’t’ have to shave!
8. You can wear the comfy underwear! (Wow, now we are all sounding like a bunch of nasty old women that don't care....)
7. Going out for dinner 5 times a week is just fine 
6. You don't have to listen to the government cell phone ringing all evening (and all night....)
5. Not even know who is playing on Sundays!
4. Cereal for dinner is OK!!
3. Cereal + wine for dinner is even better!
2. Reunions are AWESOME!
 and my personal #1 silver lining is that I get to drive the Jeep anytime I want!!
Jefanna Tipton
6/24/2011 06:21:53 am

6/24/2011 01:15:36 pm

You are so rocking the Jeep. Oh yeah.

6/24/2011 01:16:06 pm

Excellent blog post! So true.

6/24/2011 01:16:29 pm

Taking care of the home front is what we do!

6/24/2011 02:53:26 pm

I couldn't have said it any better! Rich leaves in August so I will have to keep that list close! Thanks for such a great laugh!

6/24/2011 02:57:55 pm

#19 got me..... So true!

6/26/2011 12:21:28 am

Okay, that makes it sound pretty inviting! But, I know you'd rather have him home every day than have those things!! The jeep picture just tells it all!!

8/25/2011 05:21:57 pm

Not shaving will be at the top of my list in two weeks! It's only a 3 month TDY but I'll take it!


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