After much research and many ideas from friends on facebook, I decided to take Hubby to Dead Fish Grill on Lake Belton for dinner & live music.   Dead Fish Grill....really?  I thought I had the name wrong.  I wonder why on earth a restaurant would name their establishment 'DEAD FISH GRILL', but I decided to go with it and give them a try. 

So Belton is kind of a hike, it took us 25 minutes to get to Dead Fish Grill from Fort Hood, but when a girl wants live music with her dinner in Central Texas, she needs to travel (I only found 2 restaurants in CT with live music, one in Belton, one in Temple).  Upon arrival we ran into a few folks that had just come back from a reenactment of the Civil War.  When I ask them if I could take a picture with them they were all for it and even suggested this pose: 

We had to wait 30 minutes for a table so Hubby and I headed to the 'lounge' area for cocktails and to listen to the band play. 
Once seated our view was beautiful!
As we ate dinner we watched the sunset over lake, where Hubby professed his undying love for me, then we took a private boat to a cute little island...
OK, whatever...no professing of love, no private boats, unless you count the one that was hanging out down below with the drunk girl doing a dance for everyone at the restaurant.  Oh, and our table was nice except for all the kids that were staked out right behind us and the teenager that kept dropping the F-bomb.  Hey, and check out my martini....
Now I ask what kind of glass is that for a martini.   Also, I didn't notice before I took this picture, but there was a hair on my lemon!  Aughhh.  I sent it back...I tried to drink the new one, but kept gagging because I was afraid they really didn't make a new one for me and just replaced the lemon.

The food however was much better than I expected!  I actually liked it! And I felt the pricing was right on target for we ordered.  I got the Baja Fish Tacos....
Hubby got the Cajun Crawfish & Shrimp...
I have some seriously mixed feelings about this place.  Let's break it down –

The good:
good company (Hubby is always good company!)
nice view
good food
good prices
live music
good mojitos (from Hubby)

The bad:slow service (waited 45 minutes for entree)
hair on lemon!  YUCK!
bad service (never received our appetizer & only saw our waitress 3 times)
I can't really count the irritating people, that had nothing to do with the restaurant.

Would I go back?  Believe it or not, yes I will most likely give them another try.  Next time I will only order beer out of a bottle, and pray we get a better server.

5/24/2010 02:29:06 am

Very Nice!!!

5/24/2010 04:29:27 am

nice! brooks and i will def try this out soon!!! thanks for posting!

5/24/2010 10:29:12 am

I am sorry you had bad service! That is hubby and my favorite restraunt. Every time we have went we had superb service and never hairs in our lemons! I am glad you would go back and give it another, though. We are infact going there for my birthday on Thursday! Can't wait!!!

5/24/2010 09:20:04 pm

You were so close to my friend's house! ;)

5/28/2010 12:02:44 am

What's with the mask?

8/22/2012 09:24:45 pm

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