“What you talkin' about Willis?” Randy Travis?  THE FREAKIN' Randy Travis? OK, many of you have no idea who I am talking about.  Yeah, thanks for making me feel old.  I appreciate that.  I remember back in the day when I thought 40 year olds were ANCIENT.   Now I think 40 is the new 20.  Trust me you 20 year olds, when you hit 40 you will think the same thing.  I was totally STOAKED when I found out RANDY TRAVIS was going to do a private concert for our families.  Little did I know my smarty pants teenage son would say "Randy who?".   Awesome.  Then even better than my teenage son saying that, one of our guest  (who is barely of legal age to be married - hehe) said the same thing to me. "Who is this Randy Travis guy, some of the older guest seems to be really excited about him".  OK, she didn't say THOSE EXACT words, but they were close.  ((Anna) you know who you are.)

OK, let's get back on track.  I was totally sleep deprived, I had already swigged 2 espressos (yes Carlos, my secret weapon) and was working on a latte when I was heading to the main house for breakfast when Dillon (a guest) passed me and said in a VERY EXCITED but trying to be upset country voice -  "Trish, I won't be able to make it to 'Financial Planning' this morning."  In my concerned but perky caffeinated voice I said "Dillon, why not it is part of the itinerary..." then Dillon' cocks his head to the side and points to the new horse trailer and says "Randy Travis ask me to go ridding with him this morning, and well, I couldn't disappoint him".  WHATEVER.  :)

So on Day 4 we had many things planned, financial planning, horseback riding, (I actually think horseback riding was day 3, but I'm still putting it here since I forgot it before) fishing, kayaking, lunch at the boat house, free time, kids only NERF war, kids talent show, Senator Birdwell,  and to top it off Randy Travis coming in for a private concert for our families.  What a freaking great day...Randy made it even better by showing up an entire day early. (He made his first appearance in the Main Lodge sometime after 11PM the previous night when all of us staffers were hanging out in the staff house laughing and giggling.  No one bothered to tell us Randy was hanging in the Main Lodge with our guest.  (Thanks guys!)

What a great day it turned out to be......

Anywho... horseback riding....
Dillon feeling smug while he pets Randy's horse.
Dillon and his new BFF, Randy Travis
Kids talent show......
Texas State Senator Brian Birdwell, retired Army LTC and 911 Pentagon survivor - his life story will touch your soul.  Read about it in his book "Refined by Fire".  I was honored to have met such an amazing man. 
SHUT THE FRONT door.  We invited Randy to do a private concert for our guest, we didn't know he was going to sit in lodge and have a sing along with our guest.  How awesome is that?  A sing along with Randy Travis.
What a great day, and wonderful night and exciting week!  The following morning was check out.  No one wanted to leave. Most people hung out till the last minute.  The staff cleaned, giggled and cleaned more. Thanks for coming and till next time, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!
CBA volunteers
Katie Santorii
8/31/2011 10:45:29 pm

Thanks for writing all of our wonderful memories down! It is truly a time we will never forget!

Becky Roth
8/31/2011 11:05:59 pm

What a cool thing to do Trish!

9/1/2011 12:21:58 am

You forgot to mention how much he loves me. Lol!

7/13/2012 12:48:30 am

Good post dude

9/24/2012 05:28:15 am

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