And some people wonder why American's are so large.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good pancake breakfast from Cracker Barrell. They always cook my eggs just right and the country ham, oh how I LOVE their country ham. Don't even get me started on their pancakes.  They ROCK and I always have such a hard time choosing pecan pancakes or pancakes with blackberry topping.  This day the blackberries won & yes, they were worth it.   But really who can (or should) eat all of that in just one sitting?  Now check out Hubby's breakfast - hash brown casserole, eggs, country ham, grits, cinnamon apples and 2 biscuits with gravy.   This could have fed all 3 of our little ones, Boy 1 well, that's a different story....
11/19/2010 06:02:51 am

I haven't been to Cracker Barrel in such a long time...now I'm hungry for some country ham and a biscuit covered with cinnamon apples, that sounds soooo good!


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