Today I unexpectantly found myself in a waiting room sitting by a super cute little old lady, we were making small talk when I noticed this:
Of course I flipped out over it, I mean who wouldn't?  It's a freaking BEDAZZLED cane!  With her initials bedazzled on it, and the periods are hearts (as she proudly pointed out to me) AND did you see the hand sanitizer hanging from the handle?!?!  OMG! I love everything about it!   I ask her where you buy a cane like this because I want one even though I don't need it! She told me she when was visiting her granddaughter in California her granddaughter ask her if she could 'borrow' her cane for a couple of days because she wanted to 'jazz it up' a little.  When the little old lady got her cane back this is she did to it!    I ask her how old her granddaughter was and she told me in her 30's.  This is when I told the little old lady that her granddaughter should go into the cane bedazzling business!  Then the little old lady told me 'that's what everyone says when I tell them my granddaughter made this, but then I always say to them - ' I don't think you would want my granddaughter to quit her job.  My granddaughters name is Jennifer Love Hewitt".  I laughed and said "really", in somewhat disbelief.   The little old lady grinning ear to ear said yes - to with which I responded "THE Jennifer Love Hewitt?" The little old lady was beaming with pride and said "Yes, THE Jennifer Love Hewitt!"  We exchanged more pleasantries and I told her that she (the little old lady) was now my claim to fame! 

How fun is that?  I could have sat and listened to her all day; her hubby joined the army during WWII and served our country for over 40 years!  We sat and talked for about 30 minutes - what a sweet blessing she was to me today.

When I am 85 years old and I need a cane I hope to God that my famous granddaughter bedazzles my cane for me.
3/28/2012 07:15:26 am

Wow! Who'd of thunk......the world is a small place. And I can totally see you with a cane like that! But, instead of the hand sanitizer hanging from the would be a mini flask :) Bedazzled too!

3/28/2012 07:27:09 am

Oh Nancy you made me laugh out loud!! You are right! A mini bedazzled flask! I love it!

3/28/2012 07:16:08 am

That is THE BEST story ever!!! Truly amazing!! Was JLH grandmother in a Killeen, TX waiting room?? Ha!

3/28/2012 07:21:52 am


3/28/2012 12:48:11 pm

Someone should have asked her if her granddaughter would want to play golf in the Golf Scramble. Lol.

3/28/2012 07:20:20 am

That is awesome! That is my kind of cane! Blingtastic! Great story!

3/28/2012 04:32:18 pm

Love the cane, and love the story behind it! If my mother ever needs a cane, that is absolutely what I will do to it!

3/28/2012 08:12:45 pm

That was an awesome story! And I have to agree with Nancy about the flask...

3/28/2012 08:13:35 pm

I love that you never know what the day holds.

3/28/2012 09:47:24 pm

Did you take her picture?


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