This is how it started 3 days ago.....
Day 1:
From Boy 2.
Day 2:
I went out and bought Boy 2 his very own tube of toothpaste, no one else is to use it.  We made that clear.  (I mean, I feel his pain - I don't like to share toothpaste either and if I do, I want it as clean as I left it.)
Day 3:
Boy 3 tossed Boy 2's brand new tube of toothpaste in the toilet. 


03/02/2011 14:44

Oh my gosh, Trish! That is hilarious and precious all at once! I saw the whole thing in my mind's eye! I'm still laughing. Love the note, love the separate tube of paste, love it all! Cracked me up! Thanks for sharing! Makes me wish I had another kid running around this house all the time! :)

clint (the favorite nephew)
03/10/2011 12:48



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