I don't know about you, but I LOVE listening to kids have conversations. This conversation was especially fun. We were in the car driving when it occurred.

Girl - "Mom, is that a punch buggy?" (We have issues with punch buggies, our kids tend to think any small car is a punch buggy and now they are not allowed to play the game until they have figured out what a 'REAL' punch buggy is.)
Me- "Yes, it is."
Boy 2 - "When I get my driver’s license I am going to drive a punch buggy."
Girl - "NOT ME!  When I get my driver’s license I'm pretty sure flying cars will be available because they are making them now, they just aren't ready yet. By the time I start driving I think they will be ready.  I'm going to drive a flying car."
She thinks for a moment - and continues.... "I'm pretty sure I will have to take a special drivers ed class though and I bet it will be really expensive because you will have to learn to fly your car too."

 I just hope she plans to pay for this……



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