Conversation in the car today:
Girl - "Is Colonel the next rank for Daddy?"
Girl - "Is Colonel good?"
Boy 2  - "Um, yes!  The next rank after that is General!"
Girl- "GENERAL?" 
Boy 2 - "Yes, it goes Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, General and then you start earning stars!"
Me- "Boy 2, how do you know so much about rank?"
Boy 2 - "I like everything about the Army so I am learning all about it. I know a lot about the Army."
Me - quietly to myself , "wow...." and thinking how impressed I am with Boy 2 (He tells me every day that he is going to be in the Army like his Daddy)!
Lilly - "Wow, in two more ranks Dad could be a General.  Man, I hope he makes it." 

I ♥ our military brats!
What a FANTASTIC way to start our morning!  The kids woke early because of thunderstorms going on so we grabbed
blankets, opened the curtains, snuggled on the couch and watched the light show out the window!  Great conversation, awesome company and lots of good snugglin’!  ♥

The best comment came from Boy 2 - "Mom, I know why you like this so much"
Me - "Why?"
 Boy 2 - "Because it is free"

HAHAHAHA!!  If he only knew, this was one of those moments I will hold in my heart forever, free or not. :o)
Conversation in my house this morning:
Me - "Let's go!  Time to get in the car!"
Everyone is ready to walk out the door when Girl looks at me and says "MOM!  You can't go out looking like that!"
Me, a little freaked out says "Why, what is wrong?!?"
Girl - "You need to go put some more make up on under your eyes..."
Me - "Thanks love."
This morning Boy 3 wanted left over ribs for breakfast so I let him have them.  As the kids and I were laughing about this Girl said "Boy 1 and Boy 3 had pizza for breakfast when you were gone", to which I replied, "That's cool, I LOVED having pizza for breakfast when I was a kid".  Girl looked at me stunned and said with all the sincerity in the world, "I didn't know they had pizza when you were a kid."

OMG.  I am officially O L D!
This isn't what one of the kids said, but a teachable moment on the 5 minute car ride home from school.

Yesterday on the ride home from school Girl got in the car and was all upset!  She told me about a girl in her class that copies her "ALL THE TIME"!  She said "I got a slap bracelet and the next week she came to school with a slap bracelet on.  I put a pipe cleaner around my pencil, the next day she put a pipe cleaner around her pencil, AND it was the same color as mine.  She has even starting to dress like me and wear her hair like I wear mine!"
I ask Girl "Why do you think she copies you?"
To my questions she replied, "To annoy me!"
I said, "Really? To annoy you?"
Then I ask her, "Have you ever copied anything someone else has done?"  Before I let her answer I ask, "If you have copied someone WHY did you copy them AND why do you think someone would copy you?"
She stared blankly at me.
After a few moments of silence Boy 2 blurted out, "Because she thinks you are COOL!"
Ding, ding, ding!!! We have a winner!!
"Yes, Girl, because she thinks you are cool!  She sees something in you she likes, so how can that be a bad thing?  To copy someone is the greatest compliment you can give a person!"
I continued with a few examples from my own life and from her life.  I reminded her of the time her BFF convinced her mother to go out and buy the exact same shoes Girl has and how that didn't bother her, so why should this? 
As we are talking girls face goes from grumpy and angry to a shy sweet smile.
What a great moment! This led to us talking about leaders and followers, mentors and students, friends and acquaintances.  I reminded her of the conversations we have had about how people are always watching each other and how important it is to be the best person you can be.  This is a prime example of that!
So remember folks, when someone copies you, don't take it as a negative.  This is flattery at the highest level!  People are watching!
I don't know about you, but I LOVE listening to kids have conversations. This conversation was especially fun. We were in the car driving when it occurred.

Girl - "Mom, is that a punch buggy?" (We have issues with punch buggies, our kids tend to think any small car is a punch buggy and now they are not allowed to play the game until they have figured out what a 'REAL' punch buggy is.)
Me- "Yes, it is."
Boy 2 - "When I get my driver’s license I am going to drive a punch buggy."
Girl - "NOT ME!  When I get my driver’s license I'm pretty sure flying cars will be available because they are making them now, they just aren't ready yet. By the time I start driving I think they will be ready.  I'm going to drive a flying car."
She thinks for a moment - and continues.... "I'm pretty sure I will have to take a special drivers ed class though and I bet it will be really expensive because you will have to learn to fly your car too."

 I just hope she plans to pay for this……

This morning I was busy in the kitchen when Boy 3 woke up, he ran into the living room, yelled Merry Christmas
and just stood in front of the Christmas tree for a few minutes staring.  He then walked slowly over to me and said "Mom, did you see under the tree?"  I said "no, I've been in the kitchen", and he said with big tears in his eyes "Santa didn't come..." 

My poor boy, he thought today was Christmas.  After I told him that today is Christmas EVER we both had a good laugh and he told me he thought Santa had put our whole family on the ‘naughty’ list.
OK, this one didn't come from one of our kids, but thought it was worth sharing with all of you.....

While volunteering at the elementary school today a little girl said to me, "Hi Girl's mom!" Then she looked puzzled and said, "you were much prettier the last time I saw you."

**Thanks for that sweetie!**  :-)
Apparently there was a fight on the kindergarten play gound today.  Boy 3 told me his buddy got beat up.  When I ask
him what happen he said "a boy put my friend in a headlock and was holding his hand down and hitting him".  Boy 3 was all fired up about this....I ask him if he tried to help his friend - he said "No, I couldn't I was in time out."

All I could do is giggle.
This is too funny not to share.  Boy 1 has been a Military Brat his entire life.  He has lived on many different military post throughout his 15 years;  Fort Hood, Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Carson and Fort Leavenworth just to name a few. 

A few weeks ago we were driving on I35 heading towards Denton, on this trip we always drive through Fort Worth. This is how our conversation went:
Boy 1 - "Mom, why haven't we ever been stationed at Fort Worth?"  
Me -  "There is no military post in Fort Worth son."
Boy 1 looks at me like I have 2 heads - "then why is it called Fort Worth?"
Me - "Boy 1, I don't know what you are talking about; it has always been called Fort Worth."
Boy 1 - "FORT Worth"
Me - OH!!  I never thought of that - no, no - there used to be a military post in Fort Worth, but now it is just a town."  And then I died laughing!!! 

Upon further discussion I discovered Boy 1 has always though Fort Worth was the coolest military post ever!  It has so much cool stuff...unlike most military post....  bahahahahaha....I'm still laughing over this!