~OH GOODNESS, I had to pour 1 bottle of white wine down the drain!!  I hate it when that happens. (Left over from a little get together with friends)
~I saved another bottle of wine by freezing it in 1 cup increments. I have already used one cup in a dish...
~I saved fresh spinach & mushrooms (that were on the verge of going bad) by making a super yummy almond crusted chicken breast on a bed of spinach with a fantastic mushroom sauce (in which I used 1 cup of frozen wine...well, I did thaw it).  Totally made the recipe up and it ROCKED the house. Now if I can find the piece of paper I wrote on that tells me exactly what I did.
~I saved fresh basil by going out and buying a bottle of vodka and made more Basil-Lime Martinis (hey, deployment is coming up soon, don't judge me).
~I saved 1/2 a diced tomatoe by freezing it, and then I used it to make salsa later in the week.
~I saved 3 helpings of chili by putting in individual containters for 1 serving dish for consumption later on.
~ I made grillled cheese sandwiches out the heels of bread, turned the crust to the inside and no one was the wiser!! (Thanks Sarah)

So, I still wasted several items these past 2 weeks, but seriously, look at how my list is shrinking!!
1/2 block moldy feta cheese
3 pieces slimy salami
1/4 of a slimy green pepper
1/2 a small slimy cucumber
1 mango that got lost in the drawer...
I soggy orange
2 egg whites...oops, let them sit too long and was afraid to use them....
Almost an entire bag of mini bagles!  I totally forgot I had them.  The would have made great croutons, or bread crumbs..
Another 1/2 bottle of wine...went bad before I could drink it.

I DID NOT BUY Celery!!

In the past two weeks I removed 176 more items from of our house - the most painful was a super cute pair of pair of shoes. I've been holding on to them for years because they are so cute and I keep thinking that one day they won't hurt.  I wore them around the house the other day for 10 minutes before going out, they hurt, I reluctantly put them in the Goodwill box.  Although I am not sure it is really "Goodwill" some other poor sap will fall in love with them as well, and will try to wear them, they will hurt her feet and they will hang out in her closest for a few more years....oh, how the cycle never ends. ;)

In the past two weeks I went shopping and I added 22 items to my house....

For a grand total of 973 items out of my house since 3 Dec 2010!!!

We are not even going to talk about the gym.
Loretta Endres
5/6/2011 10:54:14 am

Love that you kept count. I'm haven't kept count but have been moving things out of my house though not sure if at the same rate I'm moving them in...love the Goodwill shoes...unfortunately, I would be the poor sap to try them out but luckily these days, I'm more likely to let them go quicker! TGIF & May!


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