Since living here I have been invited to 3 events where the dress is 'Texas Casual'.  Texas Casual, REALLY? What the heck is that?  I'm a Texas girl and I don't even know.   

WikiAnswers defines 'Texas Casual' as...

"Depends on the area of the state you are going to. The coast - breezy shirts with shorts and sandals. Hill Country - Polos or t-shirts with shorts and an umbrella (just in case) West Texas - Sunscreen! T-shirts, shorts, with a sweatshirt for nighttime East Texas - T shirt and jeans Panhandle - T shirt and jeans"

Where is Central Texas?  They forgot to answer the question for Central Texas.  Oh well, I ask around (friends always have good advice).  I even went to 2 events dressed 'Trish Casual'.  I fit in and I discovered 'Texas Casual' is anything from shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops to a dinner jacket, slacks & cowboy boots. I don't think most people know what 'Texas Casual' really is.  There should be a better definition.   When I'm invited to an event and there is a dress requirement I like to 'nail it'.  I didn't feel I was 'nailing' Texas Casual, until last night....
I know, I need to work on making the hair bigger.  ;)
6/21/2010 07:51:18

Luv the boots!!

9/9/2010 14:54:10

lol, Mrs. Trish, this is perfect. :) You're so adorable.

3/19/2013 09:41:26

The way you look on that jeep… I don’t think you can go wrong with anything that you put on.

2/5/2015 07:51:52

I need HELP! What do you do when you don't own a pair of cowboy boots, but the wedding you are invited to is texas casual?

2/18/2015 08:50:48

Hi Mary -- Maybe borrow a pair?
If you can't get your hands on a pair, cute flip flops (with BLING) and a sun dress are Texas casual as well.
Bling goes a long way in Texas casual!


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