It is that time of year again when Mom's all over Texas dress their kids up and take them to bluer pastures.  That's right, it is Bluebonnet season across the state of Texas!  The highways are linned as far as the eye can see with those glorious little flowers that only show up for a few weeks in the spring.  

Today the conversation in our house went something like this:
Me (upbeat with a smile):  Today we are taking pictures in the bluebonnets!  
THEM (grumpilly): Do we have to? I don't want to take pictures....
Me (with a bigger smile):  Yes, you have to.  This will probably be the last picture I get of all my children together in the bluebonnets.  Now go get your clothes on.  I picked out what I want you to wear.
The grumbling starts  in one room and I hear it travel thoughout house.....I can feel the fights about to start breaking out.... from Girl's room I hear: I don't want to wear this! From Boy 2: I don't have any clothes that fit me.  Boy 3 comes out with his shirt on backwards.  Boy 1 knows better than to complain.
I call them into the kitchen and tell them (with an even BIGGER smile and as much sweetness as I can muster in my voice) :  LOOK, this isn't about you. This is about me.  This is probably going to be the last time I get pictures of the four of you in the bluebonnets all together.  (Boy 1 is silently cheering!) You WILL put the clothes on that I picked out for you and you WILL be happy about it.  When we get to the bluebonnets you WILL get out of the car, you WILL sit or stand where I tell you to and you WILL be happy.  If you are not internally happy you will pretend to be happy so that when I am old and gray and my memory is failing me I will forget that you were really grumpy in these pictures.  Understand? 
Them: Yes Ma'am.
Me (still smiling and I said this as sweet as possible):  If ANY one of you complains about doing this you will be grounded for three days and you will become my house slave.  Do you understand?
Them: Yes Ma'am.
Me:  Now go get dressed and come back out with a smile...Love you guys! 
The Texas sun was VERY bright today!
This one cracks me up because they were smiling even though their eyes were closed!
My handsome boys!
I got the pictures.  :o)
3/25/2012 08:26:04 am

I love this!!

3/25/2012 08:50:38 am

Love it!

I live the "this is not about you and is for me!"

3/25/2012 08:51:15 am

You're awesome Trish! Love it!

3/25/2012 08:57:44 am

Where did you take this? I need to torture my kids too!!!

3/25/2012 08:58:11 am

Where did you go for the pics? Love the fence in the background.

3/25/2012 09:17:41 am

‎190 heading towards Temple. Take the exit AFTER Patty (or Paddy) Hamiltion - once you exit stay in the left lane, go under the highway turn left - stay on service road and not very far at all like maybe 1/4 of a mile you will see them on your right...

3/25/2012 08:58:57 am

Too cute!

3/25/2012 09:19:15 am

Is it before or after belton?

3/25/2012 09:19:44 am

Love it! It happens in our house too! Thank you!

3/25/2012 09:53:26 am


3/25/2012 10:22:56 am

I got the same grubbling is doing ours today, and like you its our last one too...and its a new phenomena for this Northerner...but I loved it and the results! Yours are beautiful!

Used house slave incentive yesterday to get the gravel weeded......

3/26/2012 01:02:10 am

My kids get a similar speech on Sundays when they grumble about going to church. "...isn't about you. Will it kill you to give 2 hours of your week to God?...".
Gorgeous pics!

3/26/2012 08:22:53 am

How pretty! I would love to see a front view of these!

3/26/2012 09:34:17 am


3/26/2012 09:34:43 am

all of your children are so georgeous!

3/27/2012 07:09:55 am

They turned out beautiful! Glad you could find the spot...: )

3/27/2012 07:10:39 am

Absolutely beautiful! I am amazed that you can still get them out with a smile...Parker would have nothing to do with Bluebonnet pics anymore.

3/27/2012 10:15:45 am

The flowers are beautiful....and my grandchildren...well, what can I say. They are all getting so grown up, I miss them so much. You have to send me copies of these pictures.


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