As I mentioned in the previous post, we had so much going on in December it was hard to keep it all straight.  We had numerous parties, 2 balls and we baked up a storm.  Here is a small sampling of what we did in December…..

Only in the CAV does Santa wear a Stetson...
Second Ball, 2 nights in a row....
School parties....
We did lots & lots of baking, here are just  a couple of pictures with my little helpers.... (I'll *might* post recipes later. ;)
12/28/2010 10:46:30 am

What? R U kidding, no recipes?? Looks like a PJ fun! R U finally able to relax after all the Christmas activities? Happy 2011...see U in February!

Kathie and Mom
12/29/2010 12:38:27 am

Brown hair? We love the pictures.


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