Today Fort Hood kicked off Child Abuse Prevention Month and Month of the Military Child and three of our kids were not only in attendance, they also participated in the program.   When we got the call a month ago asking if one of our kids would introduce the General of Fort Hood at the kickoff I wasn't sure they could/would do it.  When I ask them they said yes, but only if the three of them could do it together - none of them wanted to be on stage alone.

Today we showed up in true 'Cav' spirit sporting black and yellow and wearing our "Until They All Come Home" wristbands.  The kids seemed excited and were ready to do this, I on the other hand was a nervous wreck for them!  (Girl and Boy 2 are pretty shy.) However when the time came, they NAILED it!  They spoke loud and clear!  They were applauded several times and Boy 2 brought many laughs when he check his hand when it came to the word "proclamation"! 
This is what they said when they introduced General Campbell:
They each introduced themselves:
And then all together they said: We are proud military kids! (Lots of applause...)
They waited for the applause to die down and then they all said "Our Dad is a soldier in the 1st Cavalry Division" 
Boy 2 said "and he is also deployed to Afghanistan" (more applause!)
Girl Said, "We would like to thank General Campbell for dedicating this day to kick off a month of honoring and celebrating Military children."
Boy 2, "Thank you for taking the time to sign the (look at hand) proclamation and for supporting Military children like us."
Boy 3 ended it by saying, "Please welcome General Campbell."

           After General Campbell spoke briefly he invited all the children up while he signed the proclamation.
And then we went for ice cream.  :o)
3/26/2012 08:20:16 am

Tears in my eyes!

3/26/2012 11:14:38 am

Great kids!!!!!!

3/27/2012 07:12:37 am

They did great!!!! Thank you so much!!

3/27/2012 07:14:39 am

For an ex-CPS worker, I didnt even know it was child abuse month!

3/27/2012 07:16:12 am


3/27/2012 07:20:33 am

so exciting!

3/27/2012 10:19:37 am

How proud you must be...such great kids!!!


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