Joe T. Garcia's.  Yeah, I've heard of it.  I've always wanted to go. People RAVE about this place so when Kim ask if we would like to go I was totally game. 
We were seated outside at the only table with a purple table cloth.  We thought this must mean something know like only royalty was seated here. Come to find out it is the forgotten table as our waiter was super slow...  As we were seated I was surprised we were not given menus. I shrugged it off thinking they would bring them back.  Little did I know the menu consist of two choices, fajitas or enchiladas. Well that makes things easy enough!  Fajitas and enchiladas it is!  I ordered beef fajitas and told the kids what I thought they would like (Chicken fajitas for 2 of them and enchiladas for one of see this way I get to try everything!  I'm such a mastermind!)
beef fajitas
The best part about Joe's was the ambiance and the awesome company!  We sat outside, there were water fountains and everything was so green and lush. I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of the grounds.  
Two of the prettiest girls I know.
We all LOVED the nachos!  Why haven't I ever thought to make nachos like this?  So simple, yet so delicious.
All in all Joe's was a great way to kick off spring break!  We had a great time catching up with friends, the weather was perfect for sitting outside and the food wasn't bad.    Just remember if you are going to eat at Joe's arrive early, bring cash (they don't take credit cards), and a big appetite as their portions are HUGE!
This was the line at 6:45PM as we were leaving!
3/18/2012 01:32:27 am

One of my all time favorite places!


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