Can you believe it is the year 2012?  Holy smokin' Joe!  I remember back when Prince's song 1999 came out in the 80's and the year 2000 seemed SO FAR away (yes, I'm dating myself again....) and many believed the plant would self-destruct and we would never see the year 2000.  Well HELLO doubters, here we are in 2012 waiting for another apocalypse at the end of this year.  Sometimes I think it is fun watching the crazies get ready, and when I say crazies, I'm sometimes talking about people close to me (you know who you are).  Speaking of crazies, did you see the episode of 'Wife Swap' where the family is preparing for the end, not only is the family preparing, she made her host family prepare too?  If you didn't, here is a clip, you must watch it - it is sure to give you a good laugh!  That is unless you are one of the crazies, then you might get some great tips, like pulling your kids out of school and teaching them how to survive when the zombies come, or going out and buying furniture and goods on credit - you know, the kind of credit where you don't have to pay till the year 2014, what were the creditors thinking - didn't they look at the Mayan calendar?!  (Hahaha!)

So, this year, for the last year of life as we know it I have committed to making a few changes.  Here we go:
~ Eat more cheesecake
~ Dance like no one is watching
~ Sing out loud to songs I love and not worry what others think about my singing (Kim, Teri, Lindsay....)
~ Exercise less
~ Sleep late
~ WEAR PJ's in public
~ Shop more (as long as I can get credit where I don't have to pay till at least 2013!)
~ OH, and maybe I should write that letter to hubby's boss and tell him to send the 1st Cavalry Division home from Afghanistan, I mean what is the point in them being there if it all ends in December anyway?  Forget his boss, I should write the President.

Happy New Year! 

1/2/2012 11:05:48 pm

Love it and yes I seen that episode of wife swap. It was from like 2008. Crazy lol. Happy New Year Trish!

1/2/2012 11:19:50 pm


1/3/2012 12:18:04 am

I saw that wife swap and that family was serious about it I must about it does make you think but I'm not going to run out buy things I can't afford on credit due in 2013 : p.


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