Can you guys believe it is almost 2011?! When did that happen? I remember when the song '1999' by Prince, (or the artist formally known as Prince, or whoever he is) came out in the early 80's! 1999 sounded so far away, now once again in (almost 2011) it sounds so far away!  Crap, did I just date myself?

Anyway, every year I try to improve upon myself in some way - sometimes these ‘improvements’ work out and sometimes they don’t, but I always TRY.  So this year I got a great idea from my friend Mary.  DECLUTTER. Mind, body, soul and house.  I was going to wait until 2011 to start, but this past Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Central Texas (only about 80 degrees F) and our village here on post was having yard sales.  I wasn't going to participate because really who goes to garage sales in December when Christmas is right around the corner?  I thought this was an insane idea, but whatever, I decided to go with it as it would be a great excuse to clean out the garage!  You see for the past 7 months it has been a dream of mine (really a dream of Hubby’s for me) to clean out the garage so we could park BOTH cars in the garage.  As it turns out, doing the yard sale was a win/win.  My garage is clean enough to park BOTH cars in it and I have some extra cash in my pocket! 

So, this year for the decluttering of the house I am going to TRY to remove 2011 items from our home (I'm betting I could do this in Girl's room alone).  That is 5.5 items a day for the entire year.  AND since I started early I am a little ahead of the game with 245 items already GONE!  I will keep you guys updated on this little adventure, as it will make me more accountable.   I’m documenting all items that are being removed from our house & will give you guys a list of my rules as I finalize them all.  (I’m sure this rule list will be a work in progress for about the next 12 months.)   Wish me luck, and if you are up for a challenge please feel free to join me on this adventure!

12/12/2010 02:56:36 am

I *LOVE* this idea and am totally going to steal it! My entire house is in DIRE need of some de-cluttering. Hubby did about 85% of his office this weekend (there are still a couple of cabinets/shelves to do) and it made a HUGE difference in the way the room looks! Three bags of stuff to the trash and tons of paper recycling. YAY! Next up: our closet. I may be out of touch for a while, because that's gonna take a while! LOL!

12/12/2010 10:41:08 pm

Good idea, this could prove to be interesting especially with girl, is she going to help you?


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