Life is so busy in our house that I must plan meals in advance and or start them early in the morning (in the crockpot) or rely on that nifty 'Kids Eat Free - or Cheap' list I made. This pasted Thursday I relyed on that list and we went to Fuddruckers!   If you have never been to Fuddruckers it is worth a try.  They claim to have to have the "World's Greatest Burgers".  I would have to disagree, even though their burgers are good, I know of a few places that have rival their  burgers, one of those places being Denton Independent Hamburger - but if you want that burger you will need to drive to Denton, Texas to pick one up.  I also think Chili's has a pretty darn good hamburger.   

The thing I do LOVE about Fuddruckers is that they use fresh, never frozen 100% all American beef that is raised humanely, their cattle are free roaming and eat nothing but a vegetarian diet with no additives or animal by-products.  Their burgers come in 4 different sizes, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 and 1pound patties - grilled to order.  Oh and I love that they have kids eat cheap on Thursday nights! 

At Fuddruckers you build your own burger - they have a great selection of fresh veggies to add to your burger - nice juicy red tomatoes, three types of lettuce, onions, banana peppers, salsa, pickles and much more!
Now this kid's meal was a little lacking and I TRIED to talk my kids out of getting the mozzarella sticks, but they really wanted them so I gave in.  Next time I will not give in as this meal didn't even come close to filling up my little ones, but they did like them.  
My burger & fries were more than enough.  I got the 1/3 pound Fudds deal with mushroom and Swiss.  When I saw the fries, I wasn't too excited, as steak fries are my least favorite fry - however these were very good!  I loved the seasoning they put on them. 
The deal: Buy one 'Fudd Deal' (a burger, fries and drink), get one kids meal for .99 cents.   In my opinion the Fudd deals are a little pricy - the 1/3lb burger deal starting at $9.25, but then I added Swiss and mushroom and it cost another 1.50, bring my Fudd deal up to $10.75. 

For the 5 of us, we bought 2 Fudd deals, got 2 kid meals for .99 cents each and paid regular price for a 3rd kids meal ($4.45) all for a grand total of $28.61. 

All in all it was a pretty good meal, (with the exception of the kids needing a snack when we got home) and I didn't have to cook.  I give it 3 thumbs up out of 5.

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