So you all know I am on a decluttering kick.  I want it to be mind, body and house.  I'm not sure how to achieve the mind part, but I am working on it.  The body, well I have a secret to tell you all, I haven't been to the gym ALL YEAR!  Aughh! My excuse has been that my doctor had restricted me from the gym as it was a big pain in my ass (literally) when I ran or did body pump or combat.  Well, the gym restriction has been lifted, I am free to go back, however my doc did advise me not to run or do any exercise that with impact….in other words all the things I like to do.  I now have to do yoga, which I like (but the time is just not convenient) and I guess yoga can help me with mind as well as body – right?  I’m free to use the elliptical, (which I dislike) or to take spinning classes….spinning?!?  I dislike spinning more than the freaking elliptical!!  And I am always welcome to hang with the old ladies in the pool classes. (Shoot me now!) I guess I need a trainer to motivate me – any volunteers? 

OK, back to what I meant to write about….since being on this decluttering venture I am also paying more attention to waste.  One thing that I have noticed is how much food we waste .  I am now going to TRY to stop wasting as much food in our house.  Each Friday I am going to clean out our fridge and write down what we wasted.  Maybe if I see it in writing I will be more prone to stop the waste. I will also write about how I kept from wasting things.

On Friday I cleaned out the fridge and this is what I threw out:

4 kiwis (way too soggy)
½ head of cauliflower (OH GOD, the smell)
½ green bell pepper (soggy)
2 slices prosciutto (slimy)
5 ready to cook flour tortillas (mold spots)
4 taco shells
¼ avocado (all brown – yuck!)
1 piece leftover chicken saltimbocca
2 servings of chili

Next week I will try to do better.  I am also going to make it to the gym this week.  Wish me luck!

Tammy T.
1/24/2011 03:55:37 am

Good idea to write it down. I throw so much out every week when I get home from the commisary! Gotta make room for the new load.

1/24/2011 11:30:56 pm

I love spinning. Maybe you just need a better class? Another suggestion....start a walking group, fun, healthy, and not too hard on the body.

1/27/2011 02:56:41 am

I have been doing a better job of this ever since our other sister told me she didn't know what might be good to eat in my fridge.


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