I'm not sure if you remember or not but on New Year's Day the kids and I hiked Chalk Ridge Falls in Belton and had a GREAT time! So when Hubby wanted to go for a hike a couple of weeks ago we knew just where to take him. Boy 1 opted out of this trip and hung with his 'boys' instead and even though we missed him terribly we still had a great time. The younger kids wanted to take Hubby on the same route we had gone before so we took off and started walking by the river.
The kids wanted to show Hubby the rock bridge we made on New Year's Day and check it out...it was still there!
As we continued down the path we ran across some folks swimming, we would have loved to have joined them, but we brought no swimsuits! Arghhh....
However that didn't stop us....we just stripped down to our undies and jumped in!
We played in the water for over an hour just swimming, playing around and catching frogs and FISH with our bare hands....OK, so GIRL is the only one that actually caught fish with her bare hands but we like to think of it as a group effort.  In the end we came home with 2 new frogs and a few new fish. 

Once we were done playing in the water the kids wanted to show Hubby the CAVE.  Once we arrived at the cave we found THOUSANDS, and THOUSANDS of these bad boys:
That is right, DADDY LONG LEGS!!
It was SO FREAKY!  There were literally THOUSANDS of them....
This picture was taken right after we realized what all those little black dots were....check out Boy 3's face, it is priceless! He is not a fan of spiders, unlike his sister.
All in all it was a great day!  We hiked, we laughed, we played we swam, and some of us freaked out when it came to the spiders.  What made it all better is that Hubby was here to enjoy this day with us.  :o)
Hangin' with my handsome husband. I'm so happy to have him home!
5/12/2012 12:10:36 pm

Love it!!!

5/13/2012 02:27:41 am

She is awesome for catching a fish with her hands :) and I agree with boy #3 where is the spider be-gone when you need it lol

5/17/2012 11:24:07 pm

Love the pictures - I totally agree about the horrible looking spiders!


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