When day two started our guests were feeling pretty pumped about being here!  Any reservations they had were gone - especially once they saw the itinerary.  The only thing I heard complaints about was the fact that they had to wake up SO EARLY (and yes, we took note for future camps)!  Breakfast started at 8AM each morning.  I would like all the campers to know they are not the only ones that had a hard time getting up!  After the last session each evening we (the staff) would head back to the staff house where we would prepare for the next day, relive the day we just finished, giggle and laugh until our abs & cheeks hurt so bad that we couldn't laugh or giggle anymore!  Then we would be so pumped we couldn't go sleep!  It was so motivating for me to be around such a great group of individuals that gave, gave and then gave some more.  It was truly inspiring!   Most of the volunteers were just 'normal' NON-MILITARY folks that want to say "thank you, we have your back and we salute you".  Every single person that was volunteering at the camp was there because they WANTED to be there, including my teenage son.  It made my heart swell with pride when Boy 1 ASK if he could come and volunteer with the youth program.  We had four teens volunteering in the youth program and they are all amazing individuals each with something unique they brought into the group. 
Late at night in the staff house - you can't make up laughter like this!
I think this picture was taken around 1:30AM. Delirium had already set in.
The highlight of Day 2 for our adult guest was DATE NIGHT!!!!!!!  The ladies were pampered while the Dads took the kids our for a little bonding time. 
Date night was AMAZING!  Our guest had NO IDEA what was in store for them!   I can't tell you everything that happend on date night, but I can tell you that the city of Waco HUGE in helping CBA pull off a phenomenal date night!
A group of civilians gathered to welcome home our soldiers and to simply say, "Job well done & welcome home'.
CBA guest in downtown Waco.
Day 3:  As the staff is getting more giddy by the hour, our guest continue to have more and more surprises thrown at them. 
Trish and Julie having a drive by meeting.
Kim having too much fun! :)
Each evening we ended with a hayride.  The only problem - none of the guest really cared too much for my singing...HUMPH!  :)
And my FAVORITE hayride picture of all time:
Check out Mrs. Teri ... she is in the middle.
Teri Netterville
8/31/2011 03:29:12 am

This is great! I have no idea what we were laughing at so hard (in your first two pictures) but I got tickled all over again!! My gosh, how fun it is to be around people you love and others that you grow to love in just one little ole week!
I LOVE being with our Camp Better America Kids!! It is one of the greatest highlights of my lifetime!
Thank you for capturing these moments!! Love you, Trish! So much!!

8/31/2011 07:59:51 am

Have really enjoyed these last 2 posts and truly appreciate all the hard work you and the other volunteers (young and old) put into it. It looks like it took a huge amount of work and planning, but was worth every minute!

3/10/2012 07:20:31 am

Appreciate your info

5/31/2012 09:59:26 pm

will be restored before long


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