One week after 'the break' I took Boy 3 in for a new cast and X-rays.  Everything is healing BEAUTIFULLY!  Here, check it out for yourself:
Doesn't that just make you want to gag? I wish I had an x-ray of BEFORE the pins!
Please excuse the spot...I spilled coffee...But can you see the break? Isn't it freaky?
In true CAV spirit Boy 3 picked a black and yellow cast (you know since glow in the dark wasn't an option).  He wanted to make sure he looked good for his Daddy's Change of Command. 

Per his doctor: best case scenario cast will be off before we leave for Seattle on the 11th.  YES!  We will all get to swim, fish and go boating!  Worst case scenario, it won't be off and he will have to go on vacation with a cast on which reduces our fun in the sun...WAIT, we are going to Seattle, there won't be sun - or so I have heard......
5/31/2012 11:35:55 pm

Don't they have water proof covers for the cast? Thought I had headed that??

5/31/2012 11:37:10 pm

They do, but they don't work very well (Boy 2 had one last summer) AND Boy 3's doc said NO WATER what so ever as his cast is the old school type - plaster of paris

5/31/2012 11:40:18 pm

He looks like he's taking it all very well! Praying for swimming!

Is there anything he can do to help it heal faster? Drink more milk, eat steak every night or chew on clam shells??? Ok the last one is a bit over board, but I'm trying!!


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