There is always next year.
I know I'm a week behind, BUT I couldn't let the Army/Navy football game go unnoticed, especially since there was so much hype before the game!  Here are a few things my Navy friends said….

"This just might be the first football game I ever watch. Especially since I heard 'we' have a great chance at winning."

"Well done, now put the goat down gently."
"How outnumbered do you think we are here at Trish's site? I could try to retaliate.....I think I have a horse around here somewhere....."(ME – A horse?  Really?  It’s a donkey people, the Navy has more brawn than brains.)
"Yeah, don't be fooled, she has got a soft, gooy, middle."
"I'm guessing...goat is what's for dinner????"
"How many in a row is it now? 6? 7? 27? It's just so many I've lost track!!!! Bring it!"
"For gosh sakes Trish, no one can take your profile pix seriously with those stockings in the background (probably homemade) and i think i see the remnants of something yummy your just whipped up on that knife - YOU ARE NOT SCARY! GO NAVY!"

Here we are hanging out during the game...
Everyone looks SO excited....we were already down, but hoping to come back.
At least our cadet from West Point had enough to eat!
He also got a little sweet lovin' from Staci!
 We stuck it out, watched the whole game, but as luck would have it, another year has come and gone and that stinkin' Navy did it again.  What has Army/Navy football come to?  Navy/Navy football?  I love Army, but come on....9 times in a row?!?  At least we looked better than we did last year AND the bantering was fun back and forth between us Army & Navy fans.  Jefanna, Tim, Kathy, Kristi, Suzy, all hail to you guys!  Your boat boys did it again.  I can’t wait till next year as next year will be the year Army takes Navy down! No, really.
12/18/2010 06:06:00 pm

Laughing. I never saw the thing about the horse. Go ahead and throw them under the bus...who was that!!? Not me, but I did not even know the Navy's mascot was a goat before this. I admit it.

Saw the spread. I just want to come over and eat


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