This year I have had a much harder time with planning birthday parties for the kids (timing, & we have been insanely busy).  Girl told me months ago that she wanted to have a Scary Halloween birthday party.  I've had great ideas in my head for that long, I just didn't implement until the Monday BEFORE THE PARTY- aughh!!!  Girl took invitations to school on Monday for the sleepover/Scary Halloween party on Saturday night (oops).  I was so afraid I had blown it and no one would be able to make it, then girl would have to go to therapy for the rest of her life since her mom didn't make time to send the invites out at an appropriate time.  Thankfully 5 out of the 6 girls were able to make it on such short notice.

   Upon arriving the girls made those silly little ghosts out of lollipops and tissues.  I assumed the girls could do this on their own with no instruction, but to my amazement, one girl had never made these.  Really?  How is that even possible?  Good thing my girl is good at instructing (bossing).

Once all the girls arrived we hit the neighborhood for a fun filled old fashion scavenger hunt!  Did I mention this is the Saturday BEFORE Halloween and that the girls are dressed in their Halloween costumes?  When the girls started knocking on doors, they freaked out our neighbors  - our neighbors all thought they had missed the memo that Trick-or-Treating had been moved to Saturday night. bad!  

After the scavenger hunt we had a silly string fight, made mummy dogs (hot dogs rolled in breadstick) for dinner.  There was lots of giggling and anxiety about what was behind the 'black curtain’s' that blocked the hallway.... We watched Ghost Hunters to freak the girls out a little and then just when it was dark enough we told them it was time to go through the haunted hallway.......
I took the girls outside and told them the rules, only 2 people at a time & you must crawl through the hall. All at once, five out of the six girls (that were all excited about the haunted hallway) started crying.  They were so conflicted, "I want to go, but I don't want to go".... the crying continued.  Finally 2 girls went in, the girls waiting outside could hear the screaming through the door, and then more crying & then the begging started.  "Mrs. Trish, PLEASE just tell us what is in there.  Mr. Hubby said something about a missing hand and he showed us the bloody cloth, please tell us (boo-hoo, boo-hoo)." It was great!   After about 40 minutes all the girls except one had gone through the hall.

Silly String fights...
Watching Ghost Hunters
I was seriously concerned that I might have to call a mom or two and ask them to come back over and pick their daughters up.   So after the ‘Haunted Hallway’ we took decided to give the girls a break from all the scariness and have birthday cake & opened gifts.   Once they were all giggling again Hubby sat them all in the living room, turns the lights off and told the story of Two Face John (whose ghost appeared several times in the living room window during the story).  During the story Hubby passed around John’s body parts for the girls to feel as he told the story.

Time for cake!
Now that the girls were all nice and freaked out again, we had them lay out their sleeping bags so they could watch a scary movie!!  Once the movie was over (and Mom was asleep on the couch), the girls were ready for a little shut eye.  I thought this would lead to more giggling, but to my surprise, they fell asleep right away. I guess scaring them wears them out!

Ahhhh, off to bed!
In the morning we had funnel cake (Girl’s choice) & the girls played will all the new toys till time to go home.  I overheard one girl say to Girl “This was the best party of the year!”

Ah, my work here is done.  ;o)

OK, so it has been almost 3 months since my last post.  I thought if I dropped off the face of the earth no one would miss me.  I was right for the most part.  I went a good couple of months without anyone saying a word to me about not updating my blog. Then it hit, friends started questioning, and then family and THEN the big-daddy of them all, MY MIL (mother-in-law), and most loyal fan mentioned that she felt closer to us when we lived in Korea than she does now. (KNIFE IN HEART)  She said “at least when you guys lived in Korea I knew what was going on with you and felt like I was a part of your lives”.  You see, Six in Seoul was a part of her daily routine and now that we are Six in the Hood, well the poor thing has nothing to read with her morning coffee.  So MIL, this is for you.  I am going to TRY to start updating a little more often....maybe once or twice a week...and it may only be recipes, but at least you will know what we are eating.