So, my husband think this decluttering venture makes us sound like hoarders, we are not.  Especially him.  He keeps NOTHING.  Really. Girl, well I'm a little concerned about her ~ we got rid of 177 items from her room alone and this number does NOT include clothes that were too small.  I do keep way more than hubby, but by no means am I a hoarder either. I admit that I do have issues with dishes and papers ~ I'm working on the paper issue, but don't touch my dishes.  If you do I just might be forced to break your hand and never cook for you again.  

ALSO, we do have 4 kids and with 4 kids comes STUFF, lots and lots of stuff.  Sometimes I save things because I think the next kid might want it, or we might need it for a rainy day (like the 42 board games we have - hey, give me a break, I just got rid of 12!), but then that rainy day comes and goes and I did not need that item.  I am going to tape all the game boxes shut and at the end of the year any game that is still taped shut is GONE!  Several years ago I stopped 'saving' Boy 1's clothes for Boy 2.  I mean there is 7 years between them and I realized that by the time Boy 2 can wear the clothes, they are hideous.   OK, maybe not hideous, but definitely out of style.  Plus, that is a lot of crap to move from house to house to house.....  Yes, I do save clothes from Boy 2 to give to Boy 3.

Since December 3rd, 2010 I have gotten rid of 584 items that we do not use.  I've decided to add a new rule to my decluttering venture, something I have been thinking about, but wasn't committed to, but now I am.  Hold on to your seat, here it comes rule #12 ~ if I buy something new, it counts against my number.  Like the Wok I just bought, and the book shelf and the 4 organizers for boy's room.  So I guess I am down to only 578 items gone.  It's OK.  I'm good with it.  This will keep my purchases in tact as well.

Make sure you guys let me know how you are doing – I’m off to tackle the boy’s room.
Christie Black
1/16/2011 12:33:57 am

Great ideas! Maybe I think it might have to be my goal for 2012.

1/16/2011 12:52:52 am

that's my sunday challenge!! i'm decluttering the play room getting ready for the upcoming consignment sale! it's a must after christmas!! too much junk in there!


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