Six Flags Over Texas.  When I was a kid these four words would send me into totally excitement for days on end!  Back in the day I was lucky to get to go to Six Flags once a year (10 kids = poor family) and when that day came I took FULL advantage of it!  We would get there at opening and stay till it closed!  Every year it was the same, the night before Six Flags I could NOT sleep!  (Six Flags was better than Christmas to me!)  I was way too excited!  I would map the trip out in my head and try to figure out which ride I wanted to ride first!  The 1 hour drive to Arlington felt like an 8 hour drive - I'm sure I drove the driver of the car CRAZY asking "are we there yet".  Upon arriving we would line up at the entrance and as soon as they opened the gates we would RUN in trying to be the first in line for that new roller coaster!  Ahhhh to be young again! 

Times have changed.  I wanted my kids to have that same level excitement.  It didn't happen.  Boy 1 grumpily ask "Do I HAVE to go to Six Flags?"   Boy 2, well just check out the picture below of him. Girl and Boy 3 were the most excited - at least two out of four were excited.  That's pretty good right?

I think this is the only pictures I have with Boy 1 on Spring Break. After this picture I never saw him again. He and his friend, the tall one beside him disappeared and didn't return to us for days. They played endless hours of Xbox, saw some TV show being filmed live in Dallas, went to a Mav's game, stumbled across the "Cheater's" van and they tell us they collected more girls phone numbers than they could count. Nice. And this is just the beginning.  OH, and they left Six Flags EARLY!  Can you believe that? Early.  What the…..?

Once we entered the park all (except one) was excited to see the first ride, the tea-cups!
Boy 2 was SO NOT excited about the tea-cups.  About 5 years ago (when he was 4) we went to an amusement park in Wichita, Kansas where he went on a 'spinning' ride.  Once he got off he was sick as a dog.  I remember we sat on a bench for at least 45 minutes waiting for him to feel better.  He never did, not that day anyway.  From that moment on he vowed to NEVER ride a spinning ride again, and he hasn't.  I mean look at the poor fellow, he looks miserable just thinking about riding the tea-cups!  He couldn't even turn around and watch his siblings & friends!
Now he is happy!   The Conquistador! 
We got onto the first two rides in no time.  However this did not hold true for the rest of the day.  Next we hopped in line for a rollercoaster.  Where we waited and waited until I finally went and bought lollipops for the kids....
And then we waited and waited and waited some more.  This picture was taken after being in line for about an 45 minutes.  Don't they look excited?!?
And this is about an hour and 15 minutes in the line.  Lollipop more than 1/2 way gone....
Still waiting.....
2 hours and 10 minutes later we got on the ride.  I don't even remember what it  was called. 

After waiting so long the kids were hungry and thirsty. This cost small fortune.  Turkey Legs at Six Flags are $8.95 each (but OH SO GOOD!).  Drinks are $4.99 each.  I had to take out a small loan for this day! 

One of the things I enjoyed most about Six Flags this time was people watching.    Back in the day you could smoke ANYWHERE in the park.  In line, walking around, in the food areas and so on.  Now the smokers are limited to the "Blue Line" areas.  Sorry to you smokers, but I think it is funny.  They look like caged animals! 
I know it is sad that there is a baby in the smokers area, I'm hoping her mom was just resting there and didn't know it was a 'smoker's cage".
While waiting for HOURS in line for that other roller coaster ( you know - the I don't know the name of)  Kim and I started reminiscing about Six Flags and when we were kids.  We talked about how excited we were when the Shockwave came out!  It was so cool and we couldn't wait to ride it!  An upside down roller coaster - who would have thought!  We were so excited!  I remember I was in 4th Grade when I rode the Shockwave for the first time.  I went with a group of girls from school (and yes in 4th grade we were allowed to run all over Six Flags BY OURSELVES - I couldn't imagine letting Girl run off with friends at Six Flags today).  We were SO NERVOUS to ride; waiting in the line was almost as thrilling as the ride itself!  By the time we got to the front of the line one of our friends was freaking out.  She couldn't do it.  She was terrified. We totally peer pressured her into riding.  To this day I'm not sure she has forgiven us for that.  As we were telling stories Kim and I were trying to remember the year the Shockwave came out and then we saw this.......
I thought maybe I shouldn't let them ride, it is HISTORICAL! It might derail or something crazy because it is so freaking old. :o)
Anyway, moving on..... A few things I learn today.
- Sugar doesn't cure the long line blues
- I will NEVER take the kids to Six Flags during Spring Break again
- Boy 2 really doesn't like amusement parks
- Boy 3 is more fearless than before
-Girl continues to be happy no matter what
- Smokers belong behind the blue line
- We LOVE hanging out with the B family (we already knew this though)
- Making memories is what it is all about
and the number one thing I learn today is that:
- I am freaking "historical"
3/20/2012 01:11:52 am

Aww...I really feel for Boy #2. I love amusement parks, but can't ride anything that goes in teacups, no Tilt-a-Whirl, but I can do roller coasters all-day long. Upside-down? No problem. Poor kid. Sounds like you guys had a good time, overall, though!

3/20/2012 01:12:16 am

Ok that was one of the funniest reads you have written...yes smokers should be contained behind the blue line (I wish their smoke could too) and were you crazy with the idea of sugar fixing the wait? I guess if the kids go crazy people might get out of line? ;-) It looks like a great time.

3/20/2012 01:25:00 am

Love it! I think the worst part about amusement parks these days is the lines. We went to Universal and had to wait 45 minutes just to get into OLLIVANDERS wand shop....seriously? No wonder its hard on the kids. I didn't mind because I remember just like you when I was young and did it ALL!!! We had so much fun then! Thanks for sharing!

3/20/2012 05:39:55 am

At least most speek that should help....however, if you loose one...not as easy to find as it was in korea :)

Kimberly Burleson
3/20/2012 06:56:31 am

This was hilarious! I'm so happy to have our experience documented like this.
I love you and miss you already!

3/20/2012 09:11:41 am

HA!! We lived about 10-15 minutes away from Six Flags Fiesta in San Antonio and we avoided the park (and that area) like the plague during Spring Break. We had season passes when the boys were smaller, but it definitely lost its appeal over time. Best thing about the season passes was you could get there right at opening time, ride for a couple of hours, and leave before the park got crowded without feeling like you were losing money! Son#2 has spring break coming up next week at his school and already has plans to head to Lotte World with a bunch of his friends - can't wait to hear what he thinks. Since we don't have little ones, going to LW has not been high on our list of to-dos in Korea, so he's the first one to have the experience. I've heard the crowds are crazy, so it should be interesting. Sorry the day didn't work out quite like you'd hoped - looks like you at least had good weather!


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